We are the husband + wife team behind A.R. Davis Photography.


Our business and our marriage were both established in 2016 and we couldn't be happier. Our relationship grew from almost a decade of being close friends, to deciding to go on a date at Chipotle. Yes, Chipotle is extremely important to us. While Rebecca tries and usually fails to eat mostly a vegan diet, Adam eats a more cheese please diet. Chipotle does both, and has that incredible guac. Let's be honest--it's a no brainer, first date location.

Shortly after we began dating we were madly in love and not long after that we decided "Hey, it's pretty cool to hang out with your best friend ever day...wanna do it for the rest of our lives?"

UHHH.... YASSSSS!!!! And then BOOM >>> wedding + fur children + Chipotle = The Oh Happy Davises

Our love for each other has really begun to drive our business. We focus on weddings because we love getting to capture that special day. Engagement and couple's sessions are always a blast because we essentially approach it like a double date which helps us to really get to know each couple.

When we aren't taking pictures, meeting with couples, and editing, you can most likely find us at the dog park with our fur babies, Lilly + Penny. Or maybe you can catch us watching way too much Netflix with some Chipotle and our beloved cat, Maria and our monster cat, Boo. 

We seriously cannot wait to meet you, work together, and capture each special moment of your wedding!