5 Things To Do For The Best Engagement Session

5 Things To Do For The Best Engagement Session.jpg

1. Be Yourselves!

It seems pretty obvious, right? But once you get behind the camera for the first time, let's be honest, it can feel pretty awkward sometimes. Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible because we want you to act like we aren't even there! We want you to show us the real you. We want to see the true beauty of your relationship--the moments between the smiles.

One of the best ways to feel comfortable and able to be yourselves, we've found, is to dress like you. If you both typically wear top style, fancy clothes, than by all means let's capture that class! If you both feel more comfortable in workout clothes hanging out in a park with your dog (or cat! We aren't animal-biased!) then rock those sweats, messy buns, and tennis shoes! I always laugh because I will always go straight to a yoga pants, sweat shirt, and tennis shoes outfit while Adam seems to always dress in nice pants, boots, a beanie (or not?)--essentially nicer than me, haha! But that is who we are and most likely that's what we'll look like when we meet:)

If you're dressed like yourself, you're already one step closer to feeling comfortable and releasing those jaw-dropping, love filled, candid images you'll love!


2. Make It A Date

Treat Yo Self!

Don't just carve out 30 minutes or 2 hours for your engagement session--instead make it a day-date.

Spend the whole day with each other, doing something that you both love. By the time that breath taking golden hour comes around and the sun starts to set (and we show up with cameras), it won't feel weird at all (well less awkward, hopefully) when you get behind the camera.

You'll find it so easy to let us in and show us the unique aspects of your relationship that makes you're love story so incredible! So whether it's for casual drinks downtown, full blown wine tastings, an NBA game, a long walk through the park--whatever you both love--make you're whole day one beautiful date that happens to end with pictures.

You'll love having a day to just spend with that person you love so, so much and getting a break from the check list and everything else that keeps your mind running during daily life and wedding planning!


3. Go To Your Favorite Spot

Take us to your space. We can provide recommendations and tell you where we like to shoot, but if truth be told, we want to come to you--in your space.

Do you both get coffee every weekend in the same coffee shop?

Or maybe you spend your evenings walking through your favorite park?

Maybe you're like Adam and I and you spend most of your evenings watching Netflix and want an in-home session.

Take us to your favorite spot, and let's just hang out!


4. Less Is More

This one is simple.

The less you bring with you, the less there is to be carried.

Instead, you can be free to move around and feel like yourselves. 

Unless you enjoy carrying things and that is a hobby of yours, then by all means, do not let us hold you back!


5. Laugh Your Hearts Out!

This is the big one, the finisher.

We want you both laughing, interacting, being yourselves.

Awkward feelings melt away with laughter! You'll love the images later, too.

When you laugh and interact, the images are candid, unposed, raw, and real. And that is what we love!