Hey, there!

We are about to be your new best friends.


We are Adam & Becca Davis, the people behind the camera! We have a passion for creating & story telling which is why we feel so at home when working on our little business. We feel so, so lucky to get to work alongside each other because we both get to provide different strengths to the business. Adam is the original artist in our relationship. One of Becca’s favorite “fan girl” things to share about him is the summer he was invited to a film academy in London! Becca brought the business savvy and the crazy drive to work these small business hours. Getting to share the adventure of each new client, each new milestone of our business with each other is something that we don’t take lightly. We know how luck we are that we’re able to work and grow together and we’re so grateful to YOU for making our dream a reality.

We love connecting with you and truly learning your story. We don’t want to just capture your wedding and then move on. Our favorite celebration comes from when we have a client that has turned into a friend and we get to celebrate so many life milestones together. We want this to be about so much more than the day you hired us to cover. We want to capture your full story. We want to be there for your engagement, weddings, and all of the exciting moments that follow. Relationships is what drives us and we can’t wait to build one with you!

Quick fun facts about us:

  • Our business name came from our initials: A - Adam and R - Rebecca

  • We’ve moved 5 times in 2.5 years.

  • We will argue to the end that our pets are our children and probably at least one of them (Lilly) will be going to Harvard. What, like it’s hard?

  • Chipotle is our favorite restaurant. We’ve spent all of our Valentine’s Days there…seriously, it’s our favorite.

  • We love to travel and explore but also crave weekends at home with the kiddos (read: pets) relaxing.

  • Adam is really into video games, movies, podcasts, and books.

  • Becca is really into exercising, playing with the pups, reading, and entrepreneurship (seriously, she genuinely enjoys writing business plans).

  • We have a fun little “life” blog we are really bad at updating but use as a little online journal of our adventures.

We seriously cannot wait to meet you and dream with you!